eLite ERP Retail

eLiteERP Retail automates your retail business with strong back office to manage and enhance your overall IT infrastructure and readiness to meet competition. eLiteERP Retail is a modern, cost-effective and proven enterprise solution designed specifically to address the needs of retailers, clothing outlets, apparel franchisee, departmental stores, spa, salon, restaurants etc. It is a fully integrated solution to help any small to large scale retail business in executing seamless operations right from conceptualization to order fulfillment. With superior management capability eLiteERP Retail streamlines the whole spectrum of activities like Retail Sales Process, Inventory Management, Supplier/Customer Relationship, Finance Management as well as Distribution to foster efficient and enhanced management of retail business.

eLiteERP Retail is a full fledged solution which can be catered to Fruits & Vegetables Stores, Lifestyle & Fashion, Apparel & Garment Businesses, Spa & Salon, Chocolate & Cake Shop and Departmental Stores. It has unmatched modules with powerful tools which can be served to each and every requirement of retailer.

Our Retail Management solution supports several features Loyalty Management, Inventory Management, Store Management, Point Of Sale etc. It helps in keeping the inventory levels optimized so as to avoid under/over stock. It also helps in running various loyalty programs and schemes. Integrated with Point of Sales billing it allows multiple payment modes such as Cash, Credit/Debit card, coupons etc. It has an interactive dashboard and analytics which are user friendly helps the management to have an overview of the entire business operations.

eLiteERP Retail helps to increase efficiency of your business, enhance productivity, lower operating cost, gives customer satisfaction and helps in achieving high return on investment. It has a powerful reporting system which facilitates understanding of the financial situation of your retail business. It is highly customizable which can suit in any retail business.

This module completely manages your sales functions by automating and simplifying them to make sure that you serve your customers in a better way. It gives you a boost to improve productivity, efficiency and profitability of your business by managing entire sales cycle and after Sales Services which gives customer satisfaction. It helps to track sales as per Date, Week, Month, Customer etc. Merged with other modules it provides a standardized process for the Sales Proceeds and high quality services to customer.

  • Manages sale of multiple products and generates up – to – date Sales Order, Inquiry, Quotation, Invoice etc
  • It is integrated with Finance and Inventory Module to avoid duplication and manage transactions
  • It also records Sales Return data, Sales Delivery, Pending Sales, Payment terms etc to track current sales activities
  • It helps in viewing data of the whole sales cycle to help analyze best and worst selling product and also in forecasting demand, sales margin etc

Inventory module helps to track stock movements made within your business such as purchase made from vendor, items utilized, damaged, as well as Sale of products made at different locations. It thus saves time and helps in managing optimum level of stock. It also helps you to check inventory status of your business by monitoring movement of stock based on quantity and value. You can also perform inventory analysis which gives clear cut information of Sales made and inventory lying at store to help you with Sales and Purchase transaction, manage overstock and stock situations.

  • It tracks inventory with all details of quantity and gives notifications of re – order level and in case of requirement of new inventory.
  • It automatically updates stock at the time of Sales or purchase of new inventory with continuous analysis of stock
  • It manages unlimited inventory by maintaining menu based on groups, units, categories, components for effective classification and retaining stock position
  • It also supports various inventory valuation techniques like LIFO, FIFO, Weighted average etc.
  • It helps to maintain inventory level to meet demand of local customers and reduce wastage of items.

Purchase Module brings advance features to manage entire Purchase Cycle along with improving and maintaining business relation with Vendors. It automates complete purchase processes which help in purchase of goods in the most cost – effective way to fulfill customer’s needs. It manages complete purchase in right quantity and at the right time with well defined reports. It also controls all Purchase Activities from issuing Purchase Requisition to Purchase Return.

  • It helps in maintaining Item Master, Vendor Master along with price list of Vendors.
  • Entries from Purchase Requisition to Purchase Return with details like Discounts, taxes and other charges.
  • Purchase Transactions can also be amended.
  • It also keeps complete database of Vendors, Quantities, Item Purchased, Price, Payment Terms etc.
  • It generates reports of all Purchase activities including Vendor Analysis, Quotation Comparison, Purchase Summary etc. to help management take important decisions for smooth flow of Retail activities.

Our Retail software comes with powerful customer management features that help to manage their profile and get repeated business from them. It keeps a track of all clients with their requirements, preferences etc. to serve them better, this leads to Customer Satisfaction and increased revenues for the business.

  • It helps in maintaining comprehensive Customer profile with their contact details, the services undertaken by them, items purchased and Bill history to maintain good relations with them.
  • It does Customer Analysis which helps in designing Loyalty and Marketing Programs.
  • It helps in multiple billing for customers.
  • Discounts can be given on products to the customers based on Customer Groups.
  • It generates various Sales Reports, which is helpful in analyzing Customer buying behavior.

Financial Accounting module helps to manage complete financial affairs of your retail business with Accounts Master, General Ledger, Cash & Bank Transactions etc. It helps you to view and analyze Sales made, Good Returned, Cost of Goods Sold, Expenses incurred as well as profit earned. It also helps in viewing various reports like Balance Sheet, P&L, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Age Analysis, Cash Flow etc to help management in decision making.

  • It manages Store’s Purchase expenses and Sales Revenues which helps in determining accurate Financial Condition of the Retail Store.
  • It is consolidated with accounting rules to execute transactions and entries without any mistake and effort for your retail store.
  • It generates reports of all financial activity which help management in determining the future prospects of business
  • It establishes tight control over the Payment Counter and also analyzes transactions integrated with other modules to reduce fraud and theft.

Compliance Module is designed to adhere to the Statutory and Regulatory requirement of your Retail Store. If helps to fulfill all the statutory and regulatory procedures on time. It ensures compliance with VAT, Excise Duty etc to follow the prescribed rules of Retail Products. It manages the compliance data and gives guidance in various Purchase and Sales transactions taking place in and out of the store.

  • It configures different types of tax and rates which are based on statutory requirements and is applied at all the level of transaction.
  • Tax with pre – defined percentage is calculated automatically and imposed on all the transactions of Sales and Purchases.
  • For proof of adhering to Compliance our Retail software maintains VAT, Sales Tax register for the tax paid till date for every transaction.
  • It thus provides a safe and automatic way to manage regulatory and statutory compliance to help run business smoothly with fewer fines and better operations.

This Module maintains complete system Administration of your retail software. It monitors the activities of each and every user and keeps a watch on them. It gives access to only authorized people; a person other than them cannot access data. It also has the facility of providing complete back up of data on the system.

  • It has a very extensive User Management module where all information related to users is maintained.
  • It gives access to only Authorized persons which helps in reducing Frauds and Thefts.
  • There are access tokens which keep a record of all the information of transactions which a user is authorized to do and the activities which can be performed like Add, Edit, Delete, View etc.
  • It also keeps a track of all the activities that a user undertakes like transactions accessed, failed login attempts etc.

Reporting module of Retail POS software provides extensive reporting for all aspects of your apparel business to help you make important decisions based on accurate information while managing the bigger picture. It helps you in sorting, separating, refining, grouping, and targeting your business information with wide range of reports and helps you access powerful, yet flexible, search grid to mine data for any result you may be looking for. It lets you know where your business stands and you what you need to manage and grow your business.

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