eLite POS

eLitePOS, a complete touch based solution designed for any sort of food service establishment from dining-in restaurants to fast-food/snack bars and Take-Away counters. Use our Reliable, User Friendly and Efficient POS System and manage your operations more efficiently!!

eLitePOS comes with a wide range of functions from Front-office sales/order booking to complete back-office integration and control which enables you to enhance efficiency of your staff as well win the heart of your customers leaving competitors far behind. eLitePOS delivers a solution tailor made to suite wide variety of vertical segments, sufficing all your business needs.

eLitePOS delivers a solution tailor made to suite wide variety of vertical segments, sufficing all your business needs.

Our Restaurant POS (Point of Sale) software streamlines your business and enables your staff to focus on the most important part of your restaurant:

  • Easy-to-use Touch screen interface
  • Supports multiple floors/ configurable table layouts
  • Flexible menu pricing with ease to configure multiple schemes
  • Wi-Fi enabled devices to take table orders and issue KOTs
  • Flexible Printing options with capability to split order into multiple KOTs
  • Supports multi payment modes cash, credit and meal coupons
  • Recipe and Inventory management functions
  • Full range of Back Office functions, Management Dashboard for complete business visibility
  • Detailed reporting and assessment functions
  • Built-in security access control for users
  • Supports day closing procedure
  • Instant order processing
  • Reduces waiting time for customers
  • Optimal Utilization of resources
  • Generation of bill with a single click of mouse
  • User friendly interface which enables the staff to understand the functionality easily
  • Provides a proper track of the sales volume and inventory
  • Facilitates with price and menu management
  • Inventory management helps to reduce the wastage of ingredients
  • Multi report generation allowing the user to keep a track of all transactions

Functionality / Modules

Front-office Management

eLitePOS enables to automate the front desk operations completely by removing the useless processes. With the help of front office the user can enhance the efficiency of the overall business. Moreover the POS software takes care of customer management, order management, billing process resulting into speedy turnaround and underselling

  • Provides tailored menu ordering screen to customers at their dining tables in the restaurant which helps in speedy order processing and customer service
  • Multiple KOT printing option
  • User configurable menu item and price
  • Records information of the vacant tables and helps in managing advance reservation and balance customer inflow
  • Facilitates payment through different modes like cash, credit, card, debit card, voucher, coupons etc.
  • Allows to maintain user id and configure multiple tables and floors

Recipe and Inventory Management

Integration of eLitePOS software with Inventory helps to balance customer expectation by avoiding under stock or overstock of items. The recipe and inventory management integrated with kitchen helps to track the quantity of item served, ingredient available and the out of stock items. POS software also manages recipe of different items enabling the chef available in the kitchen to prepare the dish without any trouble.

  • Daily stock consumption report generated
  • Provides up to date reports of item (available, not available, over stock, under stock)
  • Track of material demand, re-order level and closing stock of F&B
  • Tracks moving stock items inward / outward, material wastage, procurement and expiry dates
  • Track of material consumption and its automatic updation into inventory
  • Recipe management in Point- Of-Sale software is a very helpful tool in our system which track material as well as items that are over in the kitchen

Takeaway & Home Delivery Management

With the help of our POS software you can also manage Takeaway and Home Delivery functionality. Under home delivery the software will ask the user to enter the client details where the food needs to be delivered. With the help of customer management within the system, the user can get complete details of the customer.

  • Maintains complete customer like their name, address, mostly ordered items which help in providing proficient home delivery services
  • Facilitates to link delivery man to a particular order
  • Captures all the order booking and takeaway details via website
  • Tracks home delivery and takeaway order booking done via website, telephone or in person

Back-Office Management

The back office management system in the POS solution is a great tool which helps in having a control over the staff expense, time management and to increase efficiency. It easily caters the KOT services with a control over the kitchen which reduces the waste of material and quick order placement service on the table.

  • Reduces repeated commute between Table to Kitchen and vice
  • Configurable menu and price
  • Records all the details related to the order placed online or via SMS
  • Maintains sales day close
  • Dynamic system which keeps an eye on every order and the waiter attending the order


eLitePOS software is 100% secure solution. Depending on the roles the POS software allows to authorize or restrict users. The access control can be configured either on user or on role basis. The system allows you to set password for individuals that is within the control of user. It gives the access to different processes to individual roles such as administrator, manager, cashier etc. Exceptions can be attached to Role based access. The access has many levels of security which can be controlled easily. It also restricts the access of user to different processes. For example, user doing bill entry doesn’t need to have access to accounts section or reports. You can even define the user based access to restricted functionality within the screen.

MIS Reports

MIS reports in the POS software portrays hourly sales, most demanded items, sales order, stock details. It provides enormous information having brief and significant data that helps in taking vital decisions.

  • Some of reports generated from our POS Software are
  • Daily Sale Report & Date Wise Sale
  • Item Wise Sale
  • Item Wise Monthly Sales
  • Item Wise Payment Sales
  • Category Wise
  • Gift Voucher
  • Voucher Status/Refill Report
  • Top Items Report

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