Today’s catering businesses are not limited to make payments through POS deployments. ZipBooks Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. brings the touch enabled POS solutions specially designed for dining-in restaurants, fast foods, snacks bars, and Take Away counters. We at ZipBooks Software have made it possible to automate the front desk operations completely by removing the useless processes with Front Office Management. The other services that are a part of POS are – Billing the Customers, Recipe Management, Inventory Management, Instant Report generation, Invoice Postings, and taking the Backup of QPOS Device Data.

The integration of QPOS software with inventory helps to bestow trust to customers by avoiding under stock or overstock of items. The Recipe Management further helps to track the required quantity for a specific recipe. Inventory Management helps to keep track of items required to avoid under stock of inventory items, information about ingredients availability, and out of stock items.

Season changes, people swing in different mood and tastes. Everyone likes to have order placed and get it delivered right at the doorsteps. Winter is a peak season for takeaway and it increases sales of the restaurants in many ways. You may more likely to offer them with best deals and discounts as most people may want to stay home during such weather. Relishing favorite food at home becomes easy for customers when people, technology, and investments are placed at the right time.

The ease of Takeaway helps in generating more customer orders. QPOS software handles Take-away orders with complete customer details like name and contact details so that food can be delivered to them.

The QPOS Software ultimately provides fully integrated Point of Sale system with data backup and all the functionalities necessary for successful store operations in today’s rapid changing business trends. It provides greater control over staff expenses, time management, and increases efficiency.

  • Easy-to-use Touch-screen interface system that simplifies the accounting process by eliminating the unnecessary steps and automating the front desk operations
  • Flexible Menu Order items enabled on Tiled-layout with clear item pricing and order checkout
  • Wi-Fi enabled Android device with multi-function payment terminal support
  • Flexible printing options with capabilities to clearly handle the cash, balance to be returned, and printing the bill with Customer name, Mobile Number with complete details of Price & Taxes
  • Supports multi-payment modes which includes, cash, cards, e-money, Debit Member payments etc
  • Inward Entry management supported with Bill number & Date for Inward Material Items, Quantity, and Rate
  • Recipe and Inventory management functions fully supported with Menu Syncing in with real-time update in Menu Definition
  • Backed with full-support for Invoice Syncing, posting pending invoices, and Database Backup
  • Detailed Assessment & Reporting with in-built security access control for login with Security Pin
  • Eliminates unnecessary steps in front desk operations and approves Instant Order Processing
  • Reduces waiting time for Customers
  • Optimal utilization of resources and generation of bill simply by tabbing
  • Easy-to-understand User Interface enables staff to learn the functionality easily
  • Keeps track of sales volumes in real-time with inventory management
  • Facilities fair dealing for Pricing and Menu management for customers with complete billing only through Print operation
  • Reduction in wastages of ingredients with the help of Inventory Management
  • Multiple types of Report generation allows User to keep track of all the transactions

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