ZipERP is a smart Web based ERP solution primarily designed for Micro and Small enterprises looking for a cost effective solution which can enable them to quickly move away from current manual processes to a fully integrated business solution.

ZipERP is a game changing Cloud ERP solution Specially designed to meet the specific requirements of Large and Medium sized companies where the lower TCO and faster deployment is a must. This built to last Cloud ERP Suit from Zipbooks is developed on the latest Microsoft platform and provides Web interface providing both mobility as well as ease of use.

This highly configurable Cloud ERP solution provides rich set of functionality across business processes covering Financial Accounting, Sales, Purchase, Inventory Management, CRM, Production, Quality Control etc. In addition to ZipERP basic modules, we are offering some other modules which are also integrated with it. Which are HRMS, Task Management System, Engineering.

These modules are as integrated with ZipERP so you can have all the control in a single solution with all the control in your hand with a single user ID and Password. It gives you seamless integration across business functions and tight control and visibility over your business which is critical to run your operations efficiently and stay ahead in the highly competitive business environment.


For any business large or small what matters at the end of the day is the bottom line. Financial indicators make up this bottom line. If your business does not have an effective method for recording and analysis of financial data, chances are your numbers might get affected. With ZipERP Enterprise financial module, you can easily record financial transactions and generate financial reports. The module helps you maintain all important ledger accounts and practice effective cash and asset management. Integration with all the other business functions makes ZipERP a powerful solution for all your financial management needs.

ZipERP Enterprise inventory module with easy and simple tracking of inventory across locations makes sure you have adequate supplies at the right time and at the right place. Covering all activities from goods receipt to issued, the inventory module gives your purchase and sales functions access to useful information. Reports for valuation, re order level, attribute listing and alternate units’ stock report you can look at the broader picture and manage inventory with ease and accuracy.

If you are looking for a solution that will add boost to your sales and increase revenues, ZipERP’s sales module will give you the edge in the market. Handling all activities from inquiry to return to outright sales, you will be able to give your sales team the required information at fingertips. Keep a track of your sales through the Sales MIS reports that give you all the sales data on a single screen. You can add the finishing touch to your sales orders by attaching labels, bar codes and customized invoices and other communications through ZipERP printing options. You can follow a standardized procedure for each sale and provide quality services to each customer.

System Administration In order to ensure full security and authenticity of your data, ZipERP has a powerful module on system administration. This module gives you the flexibility to define user roles and maintain role permission.

Purchase of supplies in co-ordination with the inventory and sales functions will help you reduce costs and maintain smooth functioning of the manufacturing. ZipERP Enterprise purchase module has the capability to handle your purchase requirements right from requisition to return. Record all quotations, orders, invoices and returns to help you keep a track on how the order is progressing. Perform vendor analysis and quotation comparison to choose what is best for your business through ZipERP. With ZipERP Enterprise, you can take better purchase decisions to acquire resources at the lowest costs and the best quality.

Purchase of supplies in co-ordination with the inventory and sales functions will help you reduce costs and maintain smooth functioning of the manufacturing. ZipERP Enterprise purchase module has the capability to handle your purchase requirements right from requisition to return. Record all quotations, orders, invoices and returns to help you keep a track on how the order is progressing. Perform vendor analysis and quotation comparison to choose what is best for your business through ZipERP. With ZipERP Enterprise, you can take better purchase decisions to acquire resources at the lowest costs and the best quality.

ZipERP Enterprise has a complete quality control module that will make sure your business adheres to all prescribed quality standards. You can create quality standards based on various parameters and criteria. Quality control can be done for Goods Receipt, Finished Goods Stock as well as on the on processes. The rejected materials can be monitored and mandatory quality assurance documents can also be generated.

A module unique to ZipERP, compliance management module will give you the never before experienced ease and convenience in filing statutory reports and maintain guidelines. Automatic generation of documents with built in facilities for VAT, TDS, EXCISE and EXPORTS helps your enterprise stick to all the statutory adherences.You can also customize reports according to business requirements with eLiteERP. Filing of taxes and regulatory guidelines will become an easy and automated task for your business.

Keep track of your business contacts

ZipERP helps you to keep track of all your business contacts at a single place. You can keep track of contacts of your prospective customers, existing customers, vendors, trading partners, agents and transporters.


You can Keep track of your campaigns like advertisements, online campaigns, seminars, exhibitions etc. Track leads generated, converted from campaigns. Get easy access to the leads generated by campaigns on easy to use Campaigns Dashboard.

Capture incoming leads

ZipERP helps you to capture all your incoming leads from prospective or existing customers along with their contact details, required products or services, value of the lead etc. You can assign lead to your sales executive along with the follow up details.

Follow-ups, Activities & Notes

ZipERP makes it easy to enter and track follow-ups or activities required on the leads. Get timely email reminders of your follow-ups. Track today’s follow-ups, upcoming follow-ups and overdue follow-ups from CRM Dashboard. You can keep record of completed follow-ups along with easy entry of next follow-up from the single screen. You can enter lead related notes for your internal users.

Sales Executives hierarchy and leads view permissions

You can setup Sales Executives hierarchy in ZipERP, so sales executives and their managers can only see the leads related to their team.

Payroll is an integrated HR and Payroll solution that automates all your HR processes. It will relieve your HR department of the bulk of paperwork involves in daily activities. The solution captures entire gamut of business processes from Hire-to-Retire.

Financial Accounting

  • Ledger Report
  • Bill-wise Ledger Report
  • Cash Book
  • Petty Cash Book
  • Bank Book
  • Day Book
  • Voucher Register
  • Monthly Ledger Summary
  • Balance Sheet
  • Segment Reporting
  • Bank Reconciliation Report
  • Ageing Analysis
  • Group Summary
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Sales Register
  • Purchase Register
  • Overdue Receivables
  • Overdue Payables
  • Cash-Flow monitoring
  • Expected receipts
  • Expected payments


  • Indent Reports
  • Material-wise Indents
  • Indent status report
  • User-wise Indents
  • Other advanced reports
  • Quotation Reports
  • Buyer Group wise quotation
  • Supplier wise Quotations
  • Inquiries awaiting response
  • Purchase Order Reports
  • POs awaiting approval
  • POs awaiting acknowledgement
  • Closed POs
  • Short Closed POs
  • POs with invoices processed
  • Buyer Group wise PO Reports
  • Company wise PO Reports
  • PO Amendments Report
  • Material wise POs
  • Supplier wise POs
  • Purchase Invoice Register
  • Supplier wise Invoice Register
  • Item wise Invoice Register
  • Pending POs
  • Pending POs against Bill Receipt


  • Location wise Stock Reports
  • Location wise Stock Summary
  • Stock Ledger
  • Stock Journal
  • Physical Inventory Adjustment Report
  • Opening Stock Summary
  • Stock Valuation Report
  • Issue Register
  • Materials Below Minimum Stock Levels
  • Slow/Fast Moving Item Report
  • Stock Receipts/Issues Reports
  • Goods Receipt Register
  • Supplier wise Goods Receipt Register
  • Item wise Goods Receipt Register
  • Transfer Register
  • Finish Goods Receipt Register
  • Returns Reports
  • Vendor Returns
  • Customer Returns
  • Rejection Register


  • Production Order Tracking
  • Milestone Reporting for each Production order
  • Production Order wise Cost Analysis
  • Production Order on track
  • Production Orders running behind schedule
  • Production Planning Report
  • WIP Stock Status
  • Finish Goods Receipt Against Production Order
  • BOM Costing Report
  • Capacity Utilization and other Production Planning Related Report

Job Work

  • Customer’s Goods Receipt For Job Work
  • Goods Issue For Job Work
  • Goods Issue to Customer Against SO
  • Job Work Order Tracking
  • Goods Receipt Against Goods Issue to Job Work

Sales & Distribution

  • Sales Inquiry Report
  • Sales Quotation Report
  • Sales Register
  • Sales Invoice Report
  • Sales Summary
  • Customer wise Sales Report
  • Item wise Sales Report
  • Product Attribute wise Sales Report (i.e. Brand, Style, Colour etc.)
  • Shipment Report
  • Order Status Report
  • State wise Sales Report
  • Status of on-going Orders
  • Cost Analysis – Order wise impact of changes in costs
  • Quotation Tracker: To keep track of quotations given on different dates
  • Sales Delivery Report
  • Customer wise Sales Delivery Report
  • Goods Issue to Customer Against SO
  • Job Work Order Tracking
  • Project Category Report
  • Project Stage Report
  • Item wise Sales Delivery Report
  • Zone wise Sales Report
  • Packing Slip Report
  • Order Book
  • Pending Sales Quotation
  • Pending Orders Book
  • Over Due Sales Order
  • Pending Sales Invoice
  • Customer’s PO wise Sales Register
  • Salesman wise Sales Report
  • Agent wise Sales Report
  • City wise Sales Report
  • Sales Return Register

Quality Control

  • Production Inspection Report
  • Pending Inspection Report
  • Rejection Report
  • Q.A. Report


  • Export documents
  • RG23 (A) Part I & Part II
  • RG23 (C) Part I & Part II
  • PLA Report
  • RG1 Register
  • ER1 Form
  • CT3 Register
  • Duty Receivable and Payable
  • Daily Production Reports
  • CenVAT Rule 7 Reports
  • RT5 Form
  • Input & Capital Goods Abstract
  • VAT Calculation
  • Form No. 201A
  • Form No. 201B
  • Form No. 201C
  • Annual VAT Return Form / Form 205
  • Pending Form Reports (C-Forms etc.)
  • CST Form no. 3
  • Form 16A
  • Service Tax Computation
  • Service Tax Challan Printing
  • Half Yearly Service Tax Return/ ST3 Return
  • Input Service Details


ZipERP has avidly served different SMEs with its configurable software solutions in the past and continues to do so in the present. ZipERPP has imbibed the latest technology platforms and methodologies to provide flexible and competitive solution. Implementation of ZipERP.

ZipERP has helped our clients to increase their core business competency and achieve rapid return on their investment

Cloud ERP specially designed to cater to the needs of Manufacturing industries helps to cut cost, improve operational efficiency and take faster decisions. It gives flexibility to your business to move in the right direction. You get a competitive advantage and an access to innovative new technologies.

ERP software helps in supply chain management and increases cash flow management. It provides tools which will help you in real-time decision-making. It also helps the manufacturing firms to stay lean and agile. It helps in solving your business challenges and meet your business’ unique and varied requirements.

Manages your complete manufacturing operations from Accounts/Finance to Quality Control including Compliance, Production, Purchase, Sales, Inventory etc. You’ll not only improve your process efficiency but will be able to accurately manage cash position, exceed customer expectations and accelerate growth.

You get real time and accurate data through ERP’s Accounting system. For example It helps in creating Suppliers and Customers invoices. You can process payments in different currencies. You can manage Receivables and Payable. It also helps in maintaining fixed assets.

Inventory Management system in ERP provides real – time visibility and control of Raw Materials, Work in Process and Finished Goods. Automatic Tracking of Raw Material becomes possible. It helps to pin point where the inventory was used, where it went and also helps in tracing defective lot.

The Sales & Distribution system helps in tracking Sales opportunities, creating and maintaining commission payment structure for Sales Staff, forecast sales, manage and track sales leads and access and manage Customer Satisfaction.

Production Management system comes with Material Resource Planning (MRP). It helps in analyzing customer forecasts, planned purchase, inventory and production. MRP helps in executing production schedules. The Production Management system helps to record production, manage inventory, coordinate with maintenance activities carried out in work center and enforce quality checks.

Through Quality Management system you can add important Quality Checks to your production process to maintain accuracy.

ZipERP is an ERP software that offers a wide range of features to suit the requirements of Multi – Mode Manufacturers. It helps the manufacturers to compete in the competitive market. ZipERP helps in achieving production plan along with your sales plan taking in loop manufacturing, Accounts and Customers

An Engineering company faces a number of issues such as managing complex projects, Increased costs, Billing etc. An ERP software can be useful to overcome these challenges and help the industry to increase its efficiency, maintain quality products, meet customer expectations and survive in this competitive market.

Cloud ERP software helps the engineering companies by automating the work processes and monitoring various departments. Its reporting system helps the company in taking critical decisions by representing everything in graphical format. The Company gets accurate solution to manage advanced projects

Cloud ERP Software spans the entire project life cycle of an engineering industry from capturing details of Sales to teaming up for selling the product after undertaking production and controlling Inventory and installing checks for Quality Control.

The ERP software helps companies improve customer relations, enhance flexibility of companies, improve decision-making, reduce project completion time and decrease costs.

An engineering company can rely on ERP Software’s financial and Project Management Capabilities to align all its accounting and operational functions. It helps the company achieve its business goals. An ERP software can exert control over billing, help in utilizing resources at optimum level and optimize cash flow.

The Inventory Module of an ERP software helps companies with efficient Material Management, increases cost-effectiveness of inventory and helps to streamline material procurement process.

The Accounts Module of ERP helps to track accurately, various cost elements. It helps the company to track the profitability of company. It ensures that there is no duplication of entries and data is accurate.

ZipERP designed to meet all the requirements of an Engineering company and is highly scalable and flexible. It has powerful and comprehensive modules to help you manage your engineering business end-to-end. It supports an entire range of Engineering industry processes such as Procurement, inventory management, sales and distribution, asset management, Accounts etc.

Without the use of Cloud ERP software an FMCG Company faces the problem of Stock Rotation i.e. dispatch of old stock first. It is difficult to locate stock and the warehouses where the stock is stored. It also becomes difficult to manage growth and diversity of the company. Managing multiple distribution channels, controlling cost while being competitive, Quality assurance are some of the challenges for an FMCG company without ERP.

Cloud ERP ensures FIFO (First In First Out) of stock. Inventory can be managed effectively with Product Expiry feature. There is a detailed bar code thus validation is strictly enforced. The stock con also be matched with the one in warehouse.

It ensures that people don’t do duplicated tasks as ERP is a robust and integrated system which streamlines all business processes of an FMCG company. Handling of numerous and complex sales offers becomes easy. It becomes possible to calculate profitability in different dimensions. Managing Distribution Efficiency and getting a snapshot of all distributes can be done effortlessly.

Sales people can be tracked without any difficulty, Sales promotion can be maintained and Items can be traced through ERP software. It also enables Mechanism to track pending Receivable and Payable claims.

An ERP system helps in inventory management by keeping a track of stock by lot/serial numbers. It supports Procurement Planning and Ageing Analysis of Stock. It also helps to manage multiple order types and Bulk dispatch of products. Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable can be managed properly. Its Compliance Management Module helps to meet the statutory requirements.

All kinds of Reports required in an FMCG company can be generated through ERP. They can also be exported to Excel. ERP also has a drill-down option to get detailed information from the reports.

ZipERP is an end-to-end integrated solution to tackle all the problems of an FMCG Company enabling Inventory Management, Sales & Promotion activities, Accounting Transactions, Compliance Management, Quality checks etc.

In order to stay competitive Textile industry has to constantly introduce new methods of product development. The Textile industry’s product value chain is quite sensitive to market changes. In order to be able to produce quality and cost-effective textile products it is essential to use an Cloud ERP software which ensures operational efficiency.

An ERP software allows smooth flow of data among different business functions. It can manage multiple vendors, sales cycle time and also helps to minimize lead – time in business processes. User – Management feature allows access of Data according to Role Permission. Bill of Material (BOM) captures Raw Material required. It also effectively handles combination of size, style and shade as per your industry requirements. It also avoids creation of multiple item codes.

An ERP software gives real – time Inventory Status, helps in defining purchase flow in system and facilitates Sales Order creation. It helps in reducing business cycle time as it gives real – time visibility of inventory. Extensive Reporting system ensures decrease in various costs.

Sales Management module helps in creating Sales Orders on the basis of Sales Enquiries and Quotations. Sales Order can be linked with the requirement of Raw Material. Sales Invoice can also be created for Domestic and Export Sales.

Procurement Module allows to generate various types of Purchase Order against Material Requisition, Raw Material etc. There’s also a link between Sales and Purchase Order to track Status of Inventory.

Inventory Management module manages receipt of finished goods from the Production Department. At any date value of available stock can be checked. Stock transfer entries can also be done.

ZipERP designed to cater to textile industries optimizes and streamlines all business processes so that you can gain a competitive edge. With its Sales management, Procurement, Production, Inventory Management, Quality Management and MIS reporting system you can address variety of IT Requirements of your company. It integrates all business processes along with its user friendly features.

Packaging companies have to constantly bring new changes with shorter fluctuating Cycle and high cost Raw Material. The success of a packaging company depends on the innovations they bring in their products with lower lead time. For having a streamlined supply chain, Production Flexibility and automating business processes an Cloud ERP is required.

An ERP software can help you streamline a Packaging company’s business operations. It also helps to provide satisfactory services to customer. It gives real time access to critical business information for making accurate and timely decisions.

Cloud ERP software enables complete integration of projects with inventory management and Financial Accounting features to provide quotation. It fits the unique operations of packaging industry’s business operations of making labels, flexible packaging, Material Extrusion etc.

The production module helps to make sure that production schedules are up to date. Work in Progress tracking can help to indicate the production undertaken at each stage. It also becomes possible to track finished goods starting from raw material continuing through each production step.

In Sales Module, Sales Order can be created automatically by a simple entry of item code and Quantity. Item sales price can be derived automatically. It also helps to streamline and automate order management processes, thus allowing to meet customers needs efficiently.

Purchase Module helps to aggregate the process of procurement which saves time and money. Purchase Requisition can be raised based on the requirements eliminating the possibilities of errors. Creation of purchase order by aggregating Requisitions for materials helps to get the best prices.

Inventory Management module simplifies the the control of inventory and increases the accuracy and inventory turn around. Materials can be issued as and when required and the stock value will be reduced automatically. Though Cloud ERP it would be possible to identify when the material shortages or excess.

ZipERP is flexible and highly scalable which meets the requirements of Packaging Industries. Covering modules like Sales, Procurement, Inventory, Production, Quality Control etc., ZipERP provides a solid backbone to your packaging operations.

As a trader you serve your customers efficiently and wish that your market share grows quickly. You need to track your marketing strategies in real – time. You are also required to track your operations so as to conclude which of them are performing properly and which are not. Based on which you will take decisions and get empowered to overcome future uncertainties.

Cloud ERP Software consolidates Purchase requests and quotations and enables Quotations comparison and vendor selection. Through an ERP software you can process Multi-currency orders. It becomes simple to track a trading firm’s Sales Data. Different Sales Discounts types can be maintained.

Stock availability can be tracked along with Re – Order Levels and safety stocks. Different pricing based on Customer and items can be maintained. They can even be grouped for pricing purpose. Customer’s requirements can be tracked and delivery can be made on time at the right price.

Sales & Distribution Module can help improve sales and Market Effectiveness. Customer’s PO Status can be tracked through Sales Order. Sales Order can be generated from Quotation. Invoice and Vendor PO can be generated through Sales Order. Customer information can be maintained.

Purchase Module helps in tracking PO status Item – wise and Party-wise. Sales Order and Quotation can be generated through Purchase Order. The process of identifying Potential suppliers and supplier Quote evaluation is automated. The billing process is simplified.

Through Inventory Management module appropriate stock can be maintained. Inventory Control includes identifying requirements of inventory and providing replenishment options. Item usage can also be tracked. A comprehensive Product Master helps to maintain various products of the trading firm.

ZipERP software consolidates Process of Purchase, Sales Inventory etc for making the business operations of Trading Firms streamlined. Efficient accounting and Quality Management offers concise information for better decision-making. Productivity is improved along with increase in profitability through automated operations in ZipERP.

In pharmaceutical companies there are various business processes. In almost all the segments there are unique challenges to tackle. There’s an intense competition, margins are declining and long product development cycle is there. Some pharmaceutical companies also face heterogeneous production conditions. Then there are national and international regulations to which the pharmaceutical industries have to adhere to.

An ERP software which is highly customized is required to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical companies. It is important to have an ERP software because the processes and controls required in a pharmaceutical company is quite different from other companies. A perfect pharmaceutical ERP is the one which can look after all operations right from Receiving order to Sales.

The Cloud ERP software for Pharmaceutical Companies can deliver power, scalability and robust functionality. It provides a strong foundation for a Pharmaceutical company’s success. It gives better operational control with automated Inventory Management. The Sales Cycle is streamlined, there’s a productivity boost, Profitability is increased, Adherence to Regulatory Requirements is simplified and Quality Management is enhanced.

Inventory Tracking can be done automatically through an ERP system. It can streamline Material Requirement Planning which results in optimum inventory levels. This also avoids delay caused by lack of materials. Raw Material’s summary and those Raw Material that have fallen below set re-order points are reflected.

The Sales Functionality in ERP makes entry of Sales Order automated. ERP system also allows to enter orders in the system easily, which are automatically reflected in general ledger and Accounts Receivable. The system automatically prints packing lists, invoices, Sales Analysis reports etc. The pricing is automatically calculated based on different customers and their requirements.

ZipERP is a complete Cloud ERP solution that helps pharmaceutical companies to efficiently manage business processes even at the time of market volatility. It has a robust architecture, user-friendly features and industry specific functionality which helps to boost productivity and simplifies operations.

Real Estate companies face several challenges in different areas of business like Pricing, project planning and execution, costing, compliance management etc. To make profits, they need to keep the costs down and stay competitive. They need to manage project planning, make proper site selection, do budgeting and manage regulatory issues.

Through a Cloud ERP software a real estate company can increase efficiencies and visibility of their business. It makes it possible to have a close view of their spending against their budget. It helps to reach to a real estate business’ potential customers and keep a close watch on the opportunities.

It gives clear visibility and control over the projects along with managing projects, plans, locations and Brokers. It also allows to manage properties by integrating marketing, finance, collection etc. together. It allows to let out properties and handle complex admin tasks. It also manages leased out properties. It makes it possible to maintain building properly.

Sales Module maintains complete details of the projects. It also updates the project Details. On the basis of requirements of a customer, availability of a unit can be located. It handles new bookings. Full details of customers and dealers are available. It makes the task of Payment Scheduling simple.

Through Accounting Module revenue entries can be made. By just entering expense vouchers details, accounts are completed till Balance Sheet. The Details regarding Vendors Outstanding can be fetched. User can define Ledger Group and Accounts. The details of expenses and revenues are also available.

Inventory Management Module helps to maintain the details of all items including the details of suppliers. Items can be categorized under various groups. It maintains stock of multiple stores. It also maintains reorder level of various items.

ZipERP helps in integrating all internal and external management information across the organization. It improves visibility and gives access to real time information. It helps in cutting costs and improving customer service. With ZipERP you can streamline and automate business processes. It also makes it possible to have centralized control over real estate business.

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